Intentional Choices

What to eat? Chicken, steak, fish, or vegetables and grains? Apartment or house? Personal choices depend on our inner desires. We create Each life built upon personal truths. Intentions, beliefs, desires, or obligations form who we are and what we become.

Boxley Valley in Arkansas isn’t your typical tourist vacation spot. You can bring your cell phone. Use the camera to video the many waterfalls as you see each stream cascade over the side of the rocks, then take photos of friends in their kayak as you both navigate the Buffalo River.

Unfortunately, most of the area is outside of cell tower limits. Our cabin had wifi access—still, no phones or texting unless you were near a tower. The wise thing to do is bring your best camera. Did I say, unfortunately?

-a return to sanity

It was a spot of heaven. We saw stars in the dark sky, listened to the rain while we drank coffee, and walked on a dirt road. One morning we discovered deer tracks as if they wandered across the yard, their hooves turning over moss.

My childhood home was like this, and I loved it. I wanted more, everything—and to learn the history of their farming and the people’s homesteads.

recreation vs tourism

On our way home from a restful week, my partner and I talked about the area we had vacationed. What was so different in this area? Could it last? We talked about so much I would bore you if I wrote it all in one place. But why was this place peaceful and not exhilarating?

There were no gambling casinos or hotel chains. Instead they advertised cabins, canoes, waterfalls, and elk sightings. People who love outdoor activities go to this place, and those who have an appreciation for nature. Photographers, artists, writers, as well as those who are trying to get away from the noise of life.

Do you like bright lights and all-night clubbing? Try a different vacation spot. Know who are and where you want to be. Embrace your desires and let them guide you.


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