Alter Ego

Kay Bailey does exist.

Yes, I confess to not knowing my real identity at times. I went through a phase in my writing when I was unsure if I wished to use an apt pseudonym. Hence, Kay Bailey’s existence.

I wrote about the Oregon Trail and Trails West. My writing leaned toward the Christian romantic, with a soft downy lining. I hadn’t allowed my dark side full access at that time. Kay is a more delicate part of me, the only side I was willing to present to the public.

For now, we will just have to keep her comfy until we know just what to do with her. She has a nice fluffy pillow and a warm throw for now. Check out my other books under Janet K. West also. You can follow the links below to see what mischief Kay Bailey was into. Thanks!

Crossing Nebraska – Kay Bailey

Romance of My Dreams – Multiple authors including Kay Bailey



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