I Remembered Beauty

I adore my eclectic home and mismatched style—most days. Being tired makes everything wrong, causing the yellow walls to feel harsh and the fabulous wood floors to seem cold. Exhaustion is the enemy of beauty. In its grip, I cannot remember why I favored the blue-speckled bowl over the matching basic white. I only see chaos.

I was browsing through calendars online when I came across some gorgeous ones. One was of floral watercolor paintings. My heart skipped a beat, my energy levels raised, and I felt alive. Another was a collection of rose-tinted pictures of Paris. I’m not a huge fan of Paris. I don’t collect Eiffel towers or dress in Audrey Hepburn style, but I have a soft spot for France.

The calendars were a reminder, a prod—hey, you, girl, remember to have fun. Don’t forget to keep a few beautiful items, a flower, perfume, a calendar, or even that music you love.

Yes, exhaustion happens, and burnout even happens. Find a place to rest, relax, and listen to some music. Call an old friend or read a favorite book. And I pray you will find peace and joy this year.

Happy New Year, my friend.


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