Nature’s Euphoria

Yes, we’ve heard of the addictive quality of illegal and legal drugs. Maybe even experienced it. Alcohol is well known. Today we even talk of being addicted to tanning. Of chocolate, sugar, salt and coffee as vices. But what about babies? Did you know your own body tricks you to continue activities that it decides are helpful. Eating fatty foods is a common one. But what about taking care of your children? Yes. Child birth. It’s the moment of the greatest physical pain for most women. Apprehension and fear. At the end of all of the hours of labor and the baby is out, it is the most euphoric time. I haven’t ever done illegal drugs so I can’t compare it with Ecstasy. There’s no other feeling that can compare that I am aware of.

Nature does this. You look into your baby’s eyes and he looks into yours and BAM! Gotcha. The feeling can hit so hard it blows your mind. You can’t imagine not having this little person in your life. Parents have been known to do crazy, insane, stupid things for their children.


The chemicals released into your nervous system are addictive. At the time of that baby coming into your life is a moment of triumph. You win. And it happens to both the father and the mother. It happens to adoptive parents as well. It makes you want more of that high over and over again. How do you get it? From the source. You seek out that child, that baby. If that baby is grown, you look at pictures. It’s nature’s way of protecting the species and creating the bonds of family. The hilarious thing to me is how strongly that bond can hold. I cannot imagine anything that my children could do, that would make me not want them.


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