It’s Already Been Done

Been there. Done that. It’s said on on t-shirts and slogans in media, as if that’s the end of the deal. You’ve done it, you’ve said it, so why should I bother even trying. Often it’s stated as if my doing it is now obsolete.

I know blogging has been done already and I know that many have done it better, but I need to know what it feels like when I do it.  I’m curious to see what it looks like as I would do it. And as many times as you may hike that trail, I can’t experience it through you. Only I can experience it for me. Because the point isn’t whether a thing has already been done or not, the point is my development. Have I experienced and collected as much data as I need? What does the air smell like at the top of that hill? The only way I’ll know is if I go there and breathe it.

No more of this argument, But it’s already been done a hundred times. What’s the use of me, just another common Joe or Jolene doing it.


Author: janetkwest

Janet West has been a writer since the late 1990s. When someone asked, "If nothing were impossible, what would she do?" The answer was automatic. Write. When she crafted her ideas into words, she felt alive. Her early writing years were in child development magazines, but now her interests have expanded. Although the love of learning and teaching is still the core of who she is.

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