Off to a Good Start

And so we begin. Tune the instruments. Tighten the screws. Hitch up the horses. Wash the car and change the oil. We are going on a journey.

Every once in a while I want to go. Somewhere. Anywhere. I would like to travel, maybe even to exotic places. I read a blog from someone who had went to the Amazon. This couple travels to places like the Amazon, and I’m not talking about the store, so I enjoy reading what about their experiences. It’s exciting. Sometimes though I wonder if I don’t enjoy the thought of having been a world traveler more than I really want to travel.

The thought of commuting gives me a headache. All of the packing and catching planes and ticket purchasing and money exchanges.  Just the thought makes my head want to explode. I remember various trips I’ve taken just inside the states.

I have started a travel fund. I thought I’d save up the money and then I’d be ready. No more excuses. Well at least not that one. I’m sure I could come up with another if I needed to. My main problem with travelling is that I don’t want to go alone. Very boring. Interacting with another person is some of what makes it special. I know, there are those who will argue with me about it, but I’m such a loner in the rest of my life that I can talk myself out of going and doing the activities during the trip. So imagine I’m in my hotel room in Paris and I can’t leave the room because I’m tired. Who will shove me out the door to go have coffee at the bistro down the street? I need someone who is excited about getting out and seeing the sights. I don’t want to go constantly but some is necessary or otherwise why go at all?

I found this and it looks interesting. I’d enjoy listening to music and meeting the band. I can drink and be a groupie for a couple of days.

Author: janetkwest

Janet West has been a writer since the late 1990s. When someone asked, "If nothing were impossible, what would she do?" The answer was automatic. Write. When she crafted her ideas into words, she felt alive. Her early writing years were in child development magazines, but now her interests have expanded. Although the love of learning and teaching is still the core of who she is.

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