Can You Neuro Lingo?

There are two different emotions I have when I feel I am losing my power. One is anger, the other is fear. How I choose to act is up to me. I can lash out at everyone else or I can learn to get a better grip of my life.

Neurolinguistics – Retraining

What is Neurolinguistics? I think Salim Ismail may have said it best when he explained,

You have your body which is your hardware, and then you have the external world, right? At an early age you develop the software operating system to interact between the hardware and the external world. And that operating system is formed in the first seven years… So that early education inputs did you get bullied. How did you respond? How do you navigate playground dynamics?….. You kind of form this operating system. Then we become adults and we run out of applications on this operating system. Career, love life, money, sports, money and the applications start crashing. And we blame the appliication. We never go back to rewrite the operating system. And so, in the newer world we live in today, infinitely more complex, global information based, we need to rewrite our operating system.  – The Unmistakeable Creative with Salim Ismail

Some of us never update that software. It’s like never retraining for a new job. For most of us, our training at best wasn’t any official practice. We grew up. Got by. Most of our lives looked like Jed Clampett who moved to Beverly Hills. And we feel that way too. Out of place and out of sorts. But it doesn’t have to be this way.


Is there a skill you seem to be missing? Money management. Parenting. Organization. Boundaries. Relationships. Or it’s possible you don’t know what’s wrong. Find a mentor or a helper. There are many motivating and helpful life coaches and teachers now.  I know, these things cost money. Yes, they do. So does stress. Worry makes you sick. If you want to live longer and live healthier, find a way. Invest in an hour or more of their time. An emergency room visit will cost you much more.

Do It

3935_8bj3i_Backcountry_Gate_at_Jackson_Hole_Mountain_Resort_mdBuy a book, audio or paperback. Take a class in money management. If you’re having difficulty with your teenager, don’t think you have to do the parenting thing on your own. Learn. You wouldn’t go skiing down a double black diamond mountain path without either some experience or a lot of stupidity, would you? Certainly not blindfolded. Life is not any different. There are also other avenues that are available. Some have tried hypnosis. There are many therapies, besides talk. I went to a yoga therapist who did work with the body and mind relationship.

Extra Extra

Getting things done in a chaotic environment is sometimes difficult for me. Noise distractions. Here is a site that offers help Focus @ will. Purely used for mental focusing for a task at hand. Not a retraining program, but a temporary helper. They have a trial offer.

It’s not the leaps, sometimes we need the gentle nudges. We need to learn and relearn.


Here are some books I like:

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  1. […] There’s a lot of talk about healthcare in the states, and you’d think we were all dying on the streets without any care at all. I don’t want Medicaid defunded because this affects everyone, hospitals and doctors included, and of course, the patients receiving care. But that’s a political conversation. What I did realize about my own situation is that I am doing alright. And I came by this truth by changing my inner picture. Instead of seeing bad, I caught a glimpse of what’s good in my life, but this has taken retraining. Rehab for my brain. Neurolinguistics. Read this post. Can you Neuro Lingo. […]


  2. I am one of those rare readers who actually investigates related content links, time permitting. You know I love your blog, Janet, and your links are almost always worth my time. Not this time, however.

    From an attempt to visit, what it seems that “SILICON VALLEY ENTREPRENEURS DO AT NIGHT” is develop code to allow them to collect email addresses so they can add you to their mailing lists before you can determine whether you want to hear from them again or not.

    They all swear they won’t spam you or share your contacts, of course, but my definition of spam and their definition of “valuable information” seem to overlap perfectly. I already get so many unwanted newsletters I’ve had to open a secret email account to be able to get any work done.

    Before I could even get through the first paragraph, a huge form popped up, covering the content – couldn’t close it, couldn’t do anything on the page until I entered a valid email address and verified it. Rude and narcissistic – an obnoxious bait-and-switch, IMHO, no different from a sneaky advert. I have no desire to be one of the numbers in his game.

    I’d never be stupid enough to give my email to anyone who uses tactics like these because I strongly suspect I would NEVER be willing to follow his guruship’s footsteps, and he probably would have figured out some way to make it impossible for me to get my name off his &*%$ list.

    Since I couldn’t ring in over there (OR read the article), I’m doing so here, just in case you are in contact with the author. If so – please pass my thoughts along. I truly despise this practice, will NEVER support anyone who uses it, and it is catching on all over the web. (hmmmm – maybe I need to cover this topic again in another of my Grumpy Monday posts.)
    (Madelyn Griffith-Haynie – ADDandSoMuchMore dot com)
    – ADD Coach Training Field founder; ADD Coaching co-founder –
    “It takes a village to transform a world!”

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hey Janet – I took my own advice and blogged it earlier today [Are Internet Marketers Today’s Smarmy Used-Car Salesmen?] so feel free to delete the negativity from your own most excellent blog, with my apologies for dumping.

      Still okay to let the author know he has an extremely disgruntled would-like-to-have-been reader if you know him personally, however.

      Liked by 1 person

      • My main concern – once I cooled down a bit 🙂 – was that people might get the idea that your blog was less wonderful than it IS, or that I was quarreling with you personally.

        If you don’t feel a need to get it out of your comment section, I’m fine with it. After all, I did open my big mouth on ADDandSoMuchMore, saying essentially the same thing – with just a bit of expansion and a few graphics. 🙂


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