Just Joking


There was a guy at a previous job who loved pranks and jokes. It drove me crazy. I hate being startled. It amuses the joker, and the receiver is left feeling victimized.

You laugh because you think it is a joke.
I laugh because you think I am joking.

Like a hit-and-run artist, the Dude would walk by a desk and slam his hands palm down, causing such a loud noise everyone’s heart stopped. He laughed while others were angry. It was stressful.

On a day when I had a headache, I put my head in my hands and took my break at my desk. It was not a day for me to be near someone like him. I closed my eyes and wished the world away. It was quiet–until–Bam! I was startled from my peace. I sat upright, knowing who it was immediately. Anger boiled from me, and I told him not to fucking ever do that again.

We can’t legislate behaviors. There’s no changing personalities or dictating relationships. There’s only so much we control. Even if I wish I could.

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