This is something I was given a few years back. Hopefully it will help you as it has me. These are stages that our world has gone through. We are now on the path of light. Tell me what you think.

The Path of Love [praise God]
Love the LORD your God- Him only shall you serve (worship, applaud).

The Path of Righteousness [lay down distractions, simplify]
Keep your feet and steps on the truth, the truth of God’s love and kindness. Keep your way free of snares of evil, seeking your own way and your own pleasures. Know your God. He is Holy.

The Path of Freedom [surrender will & desires]
This path comes only from complete and utter surrender. No other way to freedom. Take up your cross (accept your death and pain). Forget your pleasures and rights, then you’ll know freedom. All. From fear, worry, strife, disorder.

The Path of Light
Light travels faster than sound. Always conquers darkness. Never can darkness be turned on. Only light. Light causes shadows to flee. Light routs the enemy. Leave on the light. Keep your lamps burning. Always. Never turn them off. Never give me only half of your soul and leave another part for yourself reserved.
Let me be your restraint. Let me be your fasting. Let me be your God. 100%. No less. It’s all or nothing. There can be no other way. Wholly. Fully. Passion. Fire. Raging currents of waters. When you plunge in, then the rapids take you where you need to go. You do no work, no effort. Follow my paths. Find your life only in me. Lay down your measly life. Pick up your abundance in me. Keep back a reserve and I will spit you out. Then we’ll have to start again.

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