The Game is On


If you look out your front window, you’d think the world is doomed. There are no good guys. Politics are a sham. It’s no good to vote. Why bother?

Let’s view this from another window. Someone will sit in the big seat. Even if they’re the one we voted for, they won’t be doing what they promised always. Yeah, they make good speeches, but we still have wars, and we lose jobs. There will floods and hurricanes and fires. Shit happens folks.

Yes, I admit I had a favorite player this time around who didn’t make it past the playoffs. He’s out. I’m picking another because it’s the game. Now it’s the finals, and I have my ticket.

I’m going to sit in my seat and enjoy the game. If you don’t come to cheer or heckle with me, will you be at home knitting? Well, okay. I understand.

Tweet: After the elections are over, remember the important stuff. This political uproar is because we care.

We’re Still Playing

After the elections are over, remember the important stuff. Feeding our family. Educating our children. This political uproar is because we care and we want our neighborhoods, our cities, and our states to thrive.

Real change starts at the grassroots level. Presidents are leaders and are prominent. But remember the might of the tiny germ the next time you catch a cold or the flu. One exposure to a virus can spread through a society changing the way an entire culture behaves. Believe it. Think about it the next time you doff your hat or wear your corset. Still wearing yours? A president didn’t ban corsets. There are many other examples.

What issues are on your mind?

Education. Healthcare. Money in politics. War.

What can you change?

    • Wolf-Pac is taking the Money in politics issue state by state
    • Education is a broad topic. Volunteer at the local level. Search for organizations you can support.
    • I found this interesting Peter Grey’s The Decline of Play  I’ll place it below. It regards education and the role of play.

What you can do?

  • Inspire someone else. Encourage. Listen to diversity. Be the change you want to see. Yes, you can.
  • Write or call a Senator or House member. Email an editor or journalist. Push an issue.
  • The Young Turks is a YouTube news site with a more liberal slant (shhh) YouTube link (diversity)
  • They have an activist tab with How to’s. Write a letter to the Editor. Check them out.

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