I am Done with Great Things

Absolute Patience - Live Life

I am done
with great things and big things
with great institutions and big
And I am for
those tiny, invisible, molecular
moral forces
that work from individual to individual
through the crannies of the world
like so many rootlets
or like capillary oozing of
yet which, if you give them time
will rend
the hardest monuments of man’s
pride. – William James
From a letter to Mrs Henry Whitman, June 7 1899

A hundred geese propelled their V
across my sky today
I don’t know why they honked at me
I wasn’t in their way – Irene Warsaw
A Word in Edgewise

If you are looking for big events or big changes, small accomplishments mean less. The problem is that life is generally made up of a lot of small positive events and relatively few big positive events. If you ignore the small ones and wait for the big ones you are going to feel unfulfilled or unhappy much of the time. – Monica R Basco, Never Good Enough