Do You Worry?

I have been thinking about a problem. Not a big thing, not life or death, I need to make a purchasing decision, new or used, repair or wait. Normally I would create such a fuss I’d get decision fatigue, then make a rash judgment. I’d grab something so quick it would make everyone else’s head spin.

Money is a hindrance to wise choices. With plenty of cash, there are options. So, I ponder. Feeling tight with money, I hesitate even more. I can’t trust my instincts. Option number one seems promising. Yeah, that’s the way. I’ll take door number one. But door number two is also lovely. Ugh. Sometimes I feel like scrapping everything.

Live the Questions Now

What if

What if I enjoy my indecision, this interim moment when I haven’t chosen a door? No color, no option, and many opportunities are laid out before me as if I’m at a banquet table. All of the questions are good. Be there.

Another opinion

Too many choices paralyze us, and can lead to increased anxiety and even depression.

Dan Trommater

There’s also another way, as mentioned in this article here- What is Decision Fatigue by Dan Trommater

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