Nature’s Children

I’m a nature lover by heart. I grew up walking barefoot and I always hated shoes. It was good for my mental health. Grass and dirt under my feet was my way of being emotionally stable. It was me. Now, I’ve learned that callouses are not sexy and bosses frown at you when you break their dress codes, but at my core, I am a natural.

Part of my inspiration for choosing my condo-apartment complex, besides its cheap cost, was the nearby creek with its nice variety of trees. We have courtyards, and each building unit has a courtyard with oak, maple, and dogwood trees.

slow my roll

One Saturday evening, we took the video camera and film camera out. Of course I had my iPhone to make a short video which is will be posted below. A cool breeze rustled through the grass. We almost missed the evening freight train. We glimpsed its light coming from the east.

My favorite site was the buzzards. Two giant birds perched on the rails. Dang, I wanted to share that photo. Can’t. I didn’t get it.

playing my favorites

I have been trying for most of the year to grab some shots of birds who visit my balcony daily. Woodpeckers, Northern Flicker, and the usual visitors, European Starlings and Sparrows, I’m in awe at the variety, and I want to share them with you. Birds are so skittish, and since my cats love them just as much as I do, they keep jumping. Here’s the latest.

Slow Days for health
Instagram video – bird feeder

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