Living a Dream

In her sleep, a mother dreams of losing a birthstone ring. It was a gift from her children and even though it has little monetary value, the ring has represented her family bond. She finds it again, but it’s missing the birthstone of one child. The mother panics. What does it mean? Will the child die? Are dreams prophetic?

She wakes and worries only nothing happens. Time passes. Did the dream mean anything? It seemed ominous in the night.


In my experience, thoughts rarely bring a literal event. Do we value them? Why do we need a midnight esoteric storyteller?

Dreaming is a subject I’ve been interested in for years. A few people who know me will tell me the strange dream they’ve had. Reading dreamscapes are like reading street signs, with a few personal twists. You can tell what is on your mind. For example, the lady who had the birthstone ring is my mother. She dreamed of losing it during the Gulf War when my brother was stationed in Saudi Arabia.


Broken, missing teeth, or if they are falling out, can mean you’re feeling uncomfortable showing your true self. Think of it like being afraid of smiling when you have dirty teeth. You’re holding something back. Maybe you have been threatened or you can’t tell the truth.

A common dream is hurrying to go and while dressing you can’t locate your pants. Similar to this is being stuck in the restroom. Dreams like this seem to happen when we are anxious and stressed. New events, exciting times, and we are taking on more challenges. Our subconscious is processing the excitement so we don’t overload.


Hidden things were once considered magical, esoteric, or a spirit. We didn’t understand them. But if you think of intentions or prayer as the different water phases, it may help. Water changes depending on the current temperature and conditions into ice, sleet, rain, mist, misty clouds, high-pressure clouds, or even more. Bacteria, blood types and variations, and even wombs culture misunderstood.

Could the unseen energies we don’t understand today, be understood tomorrow? I hope so.

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