Space Clearing

I was once into Space Clearing or Energy clearing, convinced there was stale energy in the corners and dark spaces of my home. Don’t laugh or shake your head. There is something to this. It’s not energy or dust though. There is an obsessive drive in most of us. And with this obsessive instinct is a tag along superstitious instinct. We all have it.


I knew someone who swore the car drove better when it was clean. And many say that the laundry isn’t right unless it has that fabric softener smell. I realize now it’s all a ritual need. Like needing closure after a death or a divorce, we need that moment to shut the laundry room door and say we’re done.


You may have heard by now the story behind the marketing of Febreze. At first they marketed the product to remove odors, which it did, wonderfully. People loved it. Even the smelliest of problems were removed. But the product didn’t sell like gangbusters and the users kept forgetting to use it. Finally, after tons of research I’m sure, they realized how ritualistically we clean. When they marketed the spray as a finishing touch, after the vacuuming and after the fluffing of the pillows, the spray of Fabreze means I’m done cleaning. Close the door. It’s done.


There’s no need to ring bells in the corners of my house or smoke sage grass to remove stale energy. I vacuum and spray Fabreze and all the bad vibes scurry away.







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