Healthy and Thankful

I went for many years without health insurance. With my last job, I had insurance and the premiums came out of my check. My new employers pay for my insurance themselves and I am thankful to have it. In my years without coverage, I would hesitate, going in to see the doctor only when I had stuff oozing out of my orifices. I didn’t want to spend the money on getting my checkups or if I was only a little sick. Somewhere in the pit of my belly I felt poor. Broken. Without. Abandoned.

It’s a strange thought. I’d feel guilty about going in even if I had a severe sinus infection. Guilty and so pitiful for allowing myself to be so weak. How dare I allow myself to become sick.

And now I have insurance. Just getting my needs met makes me feel loved, even if it is me loving myself. It’s important for me to take care of my needs. Just as in society we take care of each other, we can show the same love to ourselves. It feels good. I feel good. Whole. Relaxed.It makes me smile.

I’m not the lost orphan, the broken, dirt-smeared, little ragamuffin, standing on the street corner, begging for pennies. I am the whole person. The healthy one who can stand up tall and breathe in the clean air of life. I am so thankful for this one simple thing. Say what you will about the Democrats and Obama, I have my health care because my employers are considerate, but not all people can afford it. I haven’t always had it myself. If it were up to some folks I know, none of us would. We would all have to tough it out and make do with whatever we had. I know some stingy pricks that have loads of money but don’t let a dime be wasted on going to the doctor unnecessarily. Who are they to decide for me if its unnecessary? If I feel it is necessary, I don’t need an overlord to decide for me. I dont ever want to be in that situation again where I allow anyone else to decide life’s decisions for me. I like my own freedom, thank you very much.

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