I’m Picking Daisies

After watching the season finale of Sons of Anarchy, season 6, I think I’ll hold on tightly to my uncertainty. My inability to make a decision seems like a blessing compared to crazy head long rush of taking things in my own hands.

A bit of living with life as it is, seems very wise. Let it be.

I will no longer curse my slowness to make a decision. My over-contemplation, my over-thinking, these may be some of the best character traits of my life. They’ve seen me through many tight spots, but more importantly, they’ve kept me walking a straight line.

So while others were ripping through life at a young age and taking life by the horns, I was watching and learning. I cautiously stepped forward until I knew what I wanted. Then went for it. Others can go on ahead of me if they want, make those rash decisions because as they say, any decision is better than none, but no thank you. That’s not for me.

I’m out here picking daisies.

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