One Thing List

If you find yourself not finishing projects and you want to retrain your mind, here is a tactic. Make a list and do one thing a day to keep yourself accountable. By practicing daily, we climb out of the ruts where we are stuck. We can make short, easy to complete tasks such as reading one paragraph or dancing five minutes. Continue until you relearn the pleasure that comes from your accomplishments. Feel the pride. It’s your thing.

Be Strong

Your mind will try to protect you from this but know you are safe. You’ll have enough energy left over, enough time, and even enough inspiration. You won’t run out of fuel. Your mind is locked in scarcity and is protecting you by holding that mode.

Brain Freeze

By Wednesday of last week, I’d started feeling the creaking stiffness set in that came from sitting at an office desk for too long. I grabbed the bottle of Ibuprofen from my drawer, poured out a couple of pills into my hand and tossed them into my mouth. I grabbed my water bottle with my other hand and poured it into my hand. What? I sighed at my silly mistake. I now had a wet lap. At least no one else had seen my mental lapse.

Soggy brain

The fast paced world gives us less time to think, so we compensate by adding shortcuts. We acronym, do serving sizes, micro manage, compartmentalize, over-compensate, map things out, program, and function key every part of our lives until we wonder if we are alive.  Is this how we end up with water in our hands instead of our mouth? There’s a video I watched that talks about the difference between machines and living things. In it the announcer explained, you can disassemble and reassemble a machine, and it will still work. If you took apart your family pet, then tried to reassemble the parts it would no longer be living. Of course, we know this, right? We can care for ourselves, but we are families and neighbors also. I think someone needs to invent a personal pause button. It would be better than a time machine.

Al dente

al dente

italian for “to the tooth.” refers to pasta that is slightly undercooked. pasta cooked enough to be firm but not soft.

“we forgot to cook the pasta all the way”
“just tell ’em it’s al dente and quit your bitchin”

by bacm123 October 08, 2005


April is the month for Camp NaNoWriMo, which in case you didn’t know, the month for catching up on writing for some of us. I’m using it as an excuse for what I’ve been thinking about for some time. I have some writing projects to complete so I’ll be quiet on this site for awhile. So even though I’ll still be working for a living, part of me will be writing in my virtual cabin at CampNaNoWriMo. #BeJealous My Secret – not a copyright infringement #NaNoWriMo


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Live life al dente, just a bit to the tooth, a bit to figure out, to chance. That’s my advice at least.




What Am I Afraid Of?

Scared child

What am i afraid of? What scares me the most?  What do I not want to admit to anyone?

I’m afraid of the embarrassing walk of shame. Of stating something big and living in the shadow of it.

I’m uncomfortable with being large, bold, and loud. I’m afraid of being noticed. Of standing out of the crowd, but yet it is one thing I want. I do want noticed and so does everyone. We want at least one or two others to notice our uniqueness or our special beauty. That dreamy eyed guy or the hot one across the room. Yeah I want that. If someone introduced me to Enrique Iglesias, I would be afraid to say hello. It scares me. If someone promoted my book and people were lining up for me to sign it, that scares me.

I’m afraid of the performance.  If I am called on to state exactly what I believe and why, I get mushy and wishy-washy, because it scares me to boldly state my case.

Intense focus, “this is what I believe and why” scares me. Not having scientific proof or someone else’s studies to back me up is scary. Obscurity and generality are easy. I kinda sorta feel this way. In my opinion it looks like this. Nailing it down, that’s difficult.

The thought of limiting myself to one endeavor the rest of my life terrifies me. The thought of being trapped is the same.English: Words associated with Fear

There are those who are focused and do one thing well. Then we, the scattered, enjoy a variety of events happening at one time. I often have 3 or more books with different genres started all at once. I finish them, because I like the variety. When I am asked to pick only one activity that I would want to devote myself to, I come up blank.

Malcolm Gladwell speaks of being taught to “Do many things and none of them well.”

Journalist Malcolm Gladwell has thought about stereotypes. Growing up in Ontario to an English father and Jamaican mother, he became one of the top sprinters in his age-group and he noticed that a surprising number of the most successful runners in Canada were from Jamaica. It got him wondering about the relationship between race and athletic success, and he’s pretty sure his initial ideas were wrong.

It is quite a surprise when you hear what truth is regarding the better athletes according to Malcolm Gladwell. It wasn’t what I would have thought.


(warning: video below has 4 letter words)