Exercise For Lazy People

You’re not terrible if you forget to exercise. Or even if you remember and don’t get off the couch. Or drive to the gym, change into your shorts, and do all of those foreign movements for only 10 minutes. Unless these activities were already a part of your normal day, your body is going to scream, “unsafe!”

It’s not glamorous, but the way to win the exercise routine is to have a lifestyle which includes activity organically. Carry more packages. Walk a little further. Use the stairs. And yes, we’re familiar with this strategy, but do we live it? Recognize the small things. They add up.

Handicaps and hindrances 

Oh, this is my sputtering out point. Believe me, I know handicaps. I’ve envied runners and great athletes all of my life. It isn’t happening with this body. My goal is health and not to become a lady with flabby arms.

Here’s the key: increase your safety zone. You have a standard comfort level and once you’ve reached that point each day, your body says, “level complete.” Tomorrow, try pushing the edge, but do it early in the day. If you wait until evening your resistance will be too strong. Besides, if you have an early win, you can enjoy the high all day.

How can we change our lifestyle to make them healthier? Is there a small grocery store we can walk to pick up a few items? A park nearby? Let me know if you have any ideas. I’d love to hear them.

I live upstairs. Yes, this was intentional. I also take the stairs at work. But, there’s always more.

Slow Starts

I don’t know who put super glue in my eye drop bottle, but when I find out they will be repaid in kind. You’ve had the mornings like mine. I always think of the song line, Mama said there’d be days like this. It seems the whole day is stuck in the sludge pit and you’re wearing lead shoes. Aside: So tired. I’m in Oklahoma and we’ve had a lot of noisy nights. Lightning, thunder, rain, and hail. The tornadoes that have went through the state haven’t made for the most peaceful sleeps and there’s been a lot of scary nights. But I have nothing to complain about since I’m still alive.

There are times when I tell myself to get home and just stay there. The days when I bump into walls and drop everything I pick up.  I want to sit down. I want to hide. When driving on those days, it seems everyone wants to dart in front of you.There are also times when I’ve just had enough. I’m tired, exhausted, and feel like a failure.

Sometimes, we feel like quitting. What’s the use anyway? If you’re never going to make it where you want to go, why not sit down and give up? Stop! First you are assuming exhaustion equals failure. Second, don’t forget your desire. You started for a reason. Finish for the same reason, because you want it. I will refer you to Seth Godin. A hierarchy of failure (from brave to shameful)

No one’s failed until they’ve quit. The one that I have the most difficulty with is Giving up in the dip. The beginning is exciting. It’s beautiful delicious hard work. And well worth every late night and every drop of sweat. Then it slows. It’s the dip. I usually call it the slump when I experience it. This time is only an issue if you view the slowing down as failure.

“How did they know it was a Dip and not a dead end?…By measuring incremental progress, they could see that the corner was just ahead.” http://sethgodin.typepad.com/the_dip/

If you started an exercise routine and are not seeing the progress you think you should, don’t quit. Look again. Are you still working out? If not start again. It’s not over until you decide. this is your life. This is your time. You have the choice to keep on going or to stop. www.nytimes-restaurant reservations go online-open table