OHHHHH NO! Not Another Self Help Video.

I hear you. Once, I would have been the one to smirk at videos teaching how to create winning talks. I prefer a funny cat video. I haven’t been interested in the serious. Where’s my motivation?

When my creative juice is missing, I rest. After a good nap, a weekend away, or a vacation, usually I’m better. Not always though. Sometimes I think I never will find my spark. I know we’re all tired. Not the type from lack of sleep either.

There are so many discussions about the recent changes. We struggle to keep up with our usual routines. Exhausted, and we don’t know why. We want more, but how do we get where we need to be? No, we don’t want the ordinary. Humanity seems weary, tired, and angry, but we are no longer complacent.

Is it time to make a change? Update the way you do what you do? Are you craving a fresh start? Or a slower pace. Reevaluate. Take a break. You’ve got this. 
STOP telling yourself it won’t help…

It will help!


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