Trump’s Dirty Red Pill

It’s May 2016, and we say hello to Red Pill politics. You might not be familiar with this version of the Red Pill. Red vs. Blue has been splashed across the media in The Matrix, in the policy with the Republicans and the Democrats, and then there is the one I’m talking about, the angry men. I mentioned it in a post from 2014 – The Thing You Didn’t Say.

Be the man

Is your wife too loud-mouthed? Here take this pill and read this book we can fix your marriage because it’s your god given right to be in charge.  I’m idealistic, and it shows like an episode of the Brady Bunch. Because I believe families can be a unit, caring for each other. And if dad is in charge, he is there to protect his family. Well, I know that’s just bat-shit crazy.

The Red Pill movement contains more than just one aspect. There are get-rich-quick schemes, pick-up artists sneaky tricks, and even how to keep your dates at arms length while still having all the boys-will-be-boys fun. There’s too much to include in this blog, but check out some of the links below.

Redpillers define themselves as opponents to progressives. They seek to roll back the achievements of “cultural Marxists”, “Social Justice Warriors”, “political correctness” and “radical feminists”, justifying ruthless tactics as a necessary response to these perceived excesses. –  Boing Boing  JAY ALLEN / 11 AM WED, JAN 28 2015

Strategic Play – Put the woman in her place

So Trump has accused Hillary Clinton of using the Woman card? I’ll use it. Men have been using their cards for centuries. They’ve used it to start wars, claim land rights, even dictating women’s clothing. Didn’t women just battle over the right to vote? Was that a woman card or a man card? And then there’s education, reproductive choices,  where to live, who we can marry, and I could continue. You think this has ended in our modern times? Nope. I listened to a story on This American Life, by Ira Glass. A young woman spoke about how when she was seven she lost the right to choose how her body functioned sexually. Yes, it was all about religion, but it doesn’t matter. I won’t go into the entire story because it’s sensitive and revealing, but you’re free to listen to it here  586: Who Do We Think We Are?  or below. You can’t play the woman card when you’re seven.

Sugar and Spice

Donald Trump wants to shame women. Sit down and be pretty. He wants women to keep their mouths closed and their opinions to themselves. It’s not going to happen. I will not be ashamed. I will not sit down. I’m a Bernie Sanders supporter, but I’m a woman also. My first choice is Bernie, but I won’t stay home on election day. You shouldn’t either.

They need to know that desire is a mess, and that everyone suffers from its mess. –

The Red Pill: ‘I saw feral boys wandering the digital ruins of exploded masculinity’.
The Red Pill: ‘I saw feral boys wandering the digital ruins of exploded masculinity’. Illustration: Antony Hare for the Guardian


  1. Finally finished the last article in your “Related Comments” links. Whew! Until your post I was unaware of The Red Pill site. I found that article (Beginner’s Guide) particularly fascinating – and probably right on.

    I won’t ciick to visit the actual site, however, because I am not interested in sticking my head up anywhere on any site where anonymous nastiness dominates, — where users are likely to feel compelled to add to an already overwhelming amount of time I spend online with hate mail and blog comments I’ll have to mark as spam, simply because they can. (Don’t trolls have actual LIVES?)

    There is already too much toxicity that permeates my awareness, in any case. I really don’t understand men like these (or women with a similar eagerness to vent vile) – and I’ll NEVER get over the shocking realization that there are enough of them out there who will vote for a hate-monger like Trump that he could possibly get elected. Truly scary.

    EVERY reasonable voter simply must get out and vote in the upcoming election. I pray to God that they will. I am not eager to expatriate just yet, and I pray to God that I don’t feel forced to do so following our next election.


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  2. I’m with you, Janet. I despise red pill politics and just about *everything* it stands for. I proudly play the woman card! “Feminism is the radical notion that women are people.” forgot the source.

    Thanks for this post. Unless all Americans are ready to live with the shame of allowing the ignorant to elect Trump, we’d ALL better get out and vote!! I just wish Hilary & Bernie were on the same ticket!
    (Madelyn Griffith-Haynie – ADDandSoMuchMore dot com)
    – ADD Coach Training Field founder; ADD Coaching co-founder –
    “It takes a village to transform a world!”

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