Change, It’s What’s a Happening!

We outgrow things.
Shoes and clothes. Styles and winter coats. Our hair gets long and we cut it short. We file our nails and then have to file them again.

Sometimes it seems endlessly tiring, all of this change. Wearing the clothes, washing the clothes, mending the clothes. Folding them and then unfolding them. But this is the cycle of our lives.

We outgrow teachers. We outgrow friends. We leave our parents and then we meet them as adults. We don’t normally see the exact start of change, but change flows through our being just as the seasons flow through the trees and the earth.

There’s no sense trying to stop it, as if we could. Greet it as a friend because we are no match facing it as an enemy. No gun will make it scare away. No stalling will hide you. The growth, the change, the leaving, these are the only things that are consistent.

We are all agents of change as well as the ones being changed. Below, I have a video for you to enjoy. It’s called the Fibonacci in Lateralus.

The Fibonacci in Lateralus

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