DO I NEED A HERO? and my many other questions

Amazon Kindle US – Available July 1, 2015

I hate feeling helpless, and I’ve spent a great deal of my life protecting myself from that feeling. It takes energy. Also skill and foresight. I’ve taught myself how to change the kitchen faucet and to repair my computer. I don’t mind getting my hands dirty. So, Hello, Prince Charming! I still like dressing up as Cinderella. But there are days when I just need to borrow a hammer or a horse. This book is a combination of writings both from my blog and also my private collection. Mostly it’s my advice to me. I wanted to share it with you.

Get Your Life Back Now! 

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51wolca6itl-_sx311_bo1204203200_Pajamas Are For Wearing All Day Long

One thing that I wish is to walk past the idea of right and wrong – And to keep walking until we no longer notice other people’s expectations or even our expectations. I would like us to keep stepping through the tall grass until we can actually say that we ARE.

No more guilt for not loving enough or not saying the right words. I want us to live. To run with joy to the top of the hill and then roll down the other side to nowhere in particular. I would like to spin and swing until I drop to the ground with laughter. Do you get the idea? I no longer want you or me to hesitate just because someone didn’t approve of us. Walk to the beat of your drum and feel how good it is to not be rushed or pushed or forced to someone else’s pace. And if you want – to skip or run go with all of your gusto. If wearing your pajamas all day long in your house makes you happy and keeping you window open at night helps you breathe easier then do so. If you like eggs for supper and hot dogs for breakfast, guess what? It can be just as you want it to be.

This life is your life. These are your rules.

Crossing Nebraska


Maggie was heading west. She was crossing Nebraska and crossing paths with a mysterious stranger.

CHANGE. Two trails, two distinct cultures. In 1849, as the new pioneers crossed into Nebraska territory they traveled along the Oregon Trail. Many didn’t know they walked the same route as the Pawnee natives on the old trading route. So everything changed.

IT HAPPENED TO MAGGIE. Behind the covered wagon bound for Oregon, Maggie worried. She was anxious for her future. Why was she attracted to her new acquaintance? His kindness could lead only to trouble for her.

IT HAPPENED TO HORSE RIDER. His curiosity piqued, he watched the wagons cross his land. He smelled change in the air. He felt the restlessness in his heart-especially when he watched the white woman who stood across the river. Was he crazy as his friends said?


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